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To view how the event went down in Cape Town have a look at the following Blogpost

Come wine with us with Nederburg Winemaster's Reserve Wines at LBV Bistro JHB

For the month of June we decided that it was time to head back  to Johannesburg  to introduce or re-introduce drinkers to a brand which needs no introduction, but has something nostalgic about it, namely Nederburg Wine Masters Reserve wines. A while ago, Come wine with us had the idea of presenting a food inspired chocolate evening with Rocococao. Check article here. The evening went very well and our members thoroughly enjoyed themselves, hence the idea of offering something similar in JHB.

Part of our platform for the evening was Kate from ‘the Chocolatier’ who provided us with a short introduction to chocolate, where it originates from and how the product is made.

 Kate’s fun and entertaining character really was the cherry on the cake as we loved the way she described the ins and outs of chocolate. Who would have thought that everything started from beans?

Our wine maker for the evening was Wilhelm Pienaar, a very well known face in the industry and one of the top wine makers at Nederburg. Wilhelm is a very talented wine maker with a flair and passion for food and wine. 

While studying abroad for his European Wine Masters degree at Monpellier, France, Sybil Doms, managing director of Come wine with us was coincidentally introduced to him and also joined their team for wine and restaurant tours throughout Southern France. Back then, he was already a keen foodie who loved the marriage of food and wine.

Wilhelm touched base regarding the big wine selection and ranges Nederburg produces. Come wine with us be will showcasing the majority of these wines this year in both Cape Town and Johannesburg so watch this space! One thing Wilhelm mentioned which is very relevant to Nederburg  is the consistency of the brands it produces.

After our wine presentation we were treated to a fantastically beautiful chocolate inspired meal by LBV Bistro and Wine Bar prepared by the chef at LBV. Jacques and Kerry introduced us to their family run restaurant team. These guys are the new kids on the block in the Bryanstone area in JHB and they run a very tight and well organized ship. 

Starters was vanilla poached salmon micuit ,beetroot and white chocolate mousse , pickled beetroot and lemon macerated shimaji mushrooms served on a lemon micro green radish leaf salad served with Nederburg Winemasters Reserve Range Chardonnay 2013.

Mains was a lamb nouissete grilled with a garlic and lemon rub , buttered baby leaf spinach and finished with a dark chocolate cranberry oil and a rich lamb jus served with Nederburg Winemasters Reserve Range Merlot  2012.

And last, but not least was dessert Molecular white chocolate mousse served with a white chocolate strawberry cream and macerated strawberry infused cream garnish with a tempura basil leaf served with Nederburg Winemasters Reserve Range Noble Late Harvest 2012

The atmosphere for both evenings was fantastic. As part of a gift from Nederburg, each guest received a magnet to take home and a bottle of Nederburg wines masters reserve Merlot, which was being kept in an awesome Miele Wine cooler fridge at optimum 18C which was a real treat.

It was really wonderful seeing familiar faces from Cape Town who’ve decided to make Johannesburg their home. Come wine with us really loves bringing people together to experience a new place and product.

Our aim is to really create a great and memorable time with people and to really connect in real life, like we connect with social media. 

If you missed out on the event why not make our awesome Nederburg Stew at home with our easy to follow recipe clip where you would be able to use the Winemasters Reserve Merlot in your cooking and of course sip on some as you prepare your five star meal! Comment below and let us know what you think!

Come wine with us Recipe Video clip

Download recipe on copy

Lots of foodie and wine love

The Come wine with us Team xxx

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Come wine with us Cultural Exchange trip to Khayelitsha

A big part of what we do at Come wine with us is bringing people together to connect and share experiences. Like most of us know, South Africa is a very diverse country with a rich heritage and many cultures. Being active on social media, makes us think that although we are active and connecting with people and what’s happening around us, the question remains; Are we REALLY connected ?

There was only one way to put it to the test, so we decided to launch our FIRST Come wine with us to Khayelitsha. As most of you may know, Khayelitsha is one of the biggest suburbs in South Africa with a population of 500 000 of which only 7% of the population is older than 50 years.

A big reason why we chose to connect with Khayelitsha was to connect with the young up and coming entrepreneurs,  and small business holders. The idea was to take a train trip with Cape Town’s very own tourism train to Khayelitsha, be collected by 5 local taxi’s where Loyiso from Khayelitsha travel would take us on a mini tour through the streets of Khayelitsha’s business hub, and then  break bread and share a glass of wine with some traditional food with a few locals.

On the morning of 31 May, a group of 50 people from Cape Town got together at the Cape Town train station. For most people, it would be the first time they’d be travelling to the suburb and boy were they  in for a treat! 

After experiencing a very unique train ride to Khayelitsha, guests disambarked at the Khayelitsha station. They were  then addressed by Loyiso, who is one of the owners of Khayelitsha travel who gave a brief introduction about Khayelitsha. They then  made their way to the  local taxis that came to collect everyone for their mini Khayelitsha taxi tour.

First stop was the Football of hope centre, which is the first of 20  centres built in disadvantaged communities across Africa, as part of the 2010 soccer world cup that was held in South Africa. Right next door to this, was the Harare Business Hub space which is a place for locals and others to share ideas, learn and discover new ways of working together and creating work.

The centre provides township based start – ups instant access to a shared work environment that has all the infrastructure and equipment they need to run their business successfully, without having to finance the set up cost and high operational overheads.

After all the inspirational talk and hubs the taxi’s headed to Malibongwe, where coffee beans were being roasted by the guys from Department of Coffees, & guests were also treated to muffins on  arrival.

 As a surprise to guests, we organised a local dance group to entertain  which was  a real treat to watch.

Guests then had the opportunity to start mingling with each other and also taking their seats for the traditional lunch. 

The whole idea for the lunch was about sharing. Nederburg’s assistant white wine maker Natasha Williams, grew up on a farm where her parents use to work as season workers and pick grapes for a living, got the opportunity through a sponsorship from Distell to go and study as a wine maker. 

This was the first year that she produced the 56Hundred Chenin Blanc all on her own! Well done Natasha! Come wine with us salutes you! The same for Wellington Methsane who is the assistant red wine maker at Nederburg, had the opportunity to prove himself and really is passionate about making wine for Nederburg.

Next up Ntsiki, the owner of Malibongwe restaurant had a chat about  Malibongwe and  traditional food.  A  truly  inspiring lady who quit her job and wanted to offer something Khayelitsha really needed, which was a place where people could meet and share ideas and also have a great meal. She has been going strong for the last few years and is an inspirational figure in the community.

Our traditional food and wine menu for the day was 

Starter -Khayelitsha Tappas served with steamed bread served with Nederburg 56 Hundred Chenin Blanc 2013

Main - Traditional Umleqwa and beef stew served with samp, papa, savoury rice, spinach, butternut and Ntsiki’s famous chakalaka sauce served with Nederburg 56 Hundred Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Dessert - Mini koeksisters, milk tarts and lamingtons.

All in all it  really was a fantastic day out and the locals had a great time exchanging ideas over a glass of wine and some traditional food.  We look forward to going back to Khayelitsha in the near future.

Lots of foodie and wine love.

The Come wine with us Team!

PS. Have a look at our video clip to give you an idea of what happened on the day:

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Come wine with us Cultural Exchange to Khayelitsha 31 May 2014 Event

Come wine with us with KWV Classic wines at HQ Restaurant

After our successful KWV tasting in Johannesburg at Voodoo Lily Cafe in February, we decided to host the same event in Cape Town in order for our Cape Town members to see what they missed out on! As for a restaurant, we looked no further than HQ restaurant that’s well known for their awesome steaks and ambiance.

 Both Wednesday and Thursday night  was sold out in a record time of 5 days!
 (And this being a week before payday!) That’s some serious FOMO there for you!

On both evenings guests were welcomed with some lovely Demi Sec Sparkling Rose Bubbly from KWV. What was very special to see was that there were quite few birthdays on the evening and  a few people that had not seen each other in ages. 

Come wine with us really enjoys the fact that our guests love coming to our events in order to celebrate, meet people, share and have fun, because that’s what we’re all about!

What was a very special treat for us on the evening was that wine maker of the KWV classic wines, Izelle van Blerk  came to present the Lindt chocolate and wine pairing, along with sharing a few interesting facts about her wines. We started the evening with a Mexican wave..... yes you heard me, a Mexican wave like they do at Newlands rugby stadium! . 

This got everybody right into the mood and we were ready to taste some interesting chocolate and wine combo’s.

We had four combinations and they were as follow:

1.       KWV Sauvignon Blanc with Lindt Mint Dark Chocolate

2.       KWV Pinotage with Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

3.       KWV Demi Sec Sparkling with Lindt White Chocolate

4.       KWV Tawny Port with Lindt Chilli dark chocolate.

This was  an interesting combo that really took out taste buds on an interesting trip. Wine maker Izelle shared a few interesting facts about chocolate and wine pairings. We think it is an awesome idea for the next time you host a dinner party, and if you’d like to do something fun, then why not try out these combo’s!

Once our tasting was done, guests had the opportunity to mingle. Waiter? from the HQ team pulled off a great show, and presented us their first course, a lovely Coss salad with pine nuts, parmesan cheese and honey mustard dressing. There were a few members that don’t eat salad,  but who gobbled it all up in no time (to our massive surprise!) It’s all in the secret sauce! J

The salad was paired with the delish gold medal winner of a wine, aka KWV Chenin Blanc selling at about R38 a bottle at your local Ultra Liquor. A real bargain we say!

For our main course, it was the ultimate STEAK from HQ served with their yummy stick thin fries and winner of a Cafe de Paris butter soace. Paired with the delish full bodied Merlot from KWV made it an absolute winner at R68 a bottle. People could not get enough!

Dessert was ended  perfectly with the ultimate gorgonzola and white chocolate crème brulee with Caramel pairs and walnuts. This dessert gave Sherry a completely new face. Dessert wines, Eat your heart out! Try the combo at home, you’d be pleasantly surprised!

Our evening end with a few prizes for the birthday guys and gals as well as a few new faces who joined us. HQ, you guys gave us a great time and our fantastic crowd enjoyed it to the MAX.

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Until next time!

Lots of foodie and wine love

Come wine with us team